Christmas mean’s  so many things to so many different people, For children it can mean presents but then again if your a child of parents with little or no income your presents will not be your hearts desire, but what your parents can afford.

The modern day pressures on parents to have bigger and better presents for their children is profound. Santa has to deliver the latest gadget or doll.  I believe this year there’s an Frozen mania on for all things related to the film Frozen. Yes ! despite having no children of this generation I’ve heard of Frozen and heard the song sung by numerous children.

In my day! ( Gosh I sound old,) We were kept good by the threat of a bag of coal  Christmas ment packing up and going to my Maternal – Grandparents home in Blackwater Co Wexford.  Oh the joys of a simple uncomplicated childhood when innocence wasn’t shattered until later.

My own children received surprises when they were to young to know what to ask for but then as the years went by friends and TV influenced them.  Compared to my friends children my four were not very demanding.  I Thank for wonderful children who enjoy the simple gifts from life .

This Christmas my focus is on the children living in Direct Provision.  I am sure they have a million and one questions floating in their brains .  Will Santa find me ? Will I get what I asked for ?  Where’s the chimney for Santa to come down? Can I leave a drink and snack out for Santa ?

Just as their parents have a hundred and one questions in their brains. Will this be our last Christmas in DP ?  How can I face the disappointment on my children’s faces when they see what Santa has left? When can I cook for my children their Christmas dinner ?



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