Racism is alive and kicking in rural Ireland

Just have to jotter down this sad moment that happened so fast today that I actually missed witnessing it, but i witnessed the hurt in my partners eyes and saw his shoulders slump. Oh Yes ! he tried to pretend all was well but I’m not fooled easily.

I was delivering papers with the distribution manager for a Wicklow news paper  along with two other’s. We divided in to pairs so that time would pass fast and so that ground would be covered very fast.  My self and the manager were delivering in a separate estate from the other two. To get the paper delivered one went to the left and the other went to the right.

Everyone was in great spirits as people wished us happy Christmas. it wasn’t to cold and the sun was shining. We even had managed a short break, munching on hot dogs.

As the evening grew on it started to get darker and we were just rounding up our work. From a distance I could see the distribution manager/ my partner  walk away from a house with his head down. When I reached him he was struggling to be composed as he sorted bags in the boot of the car.

Eventually I got the story from him:  He was coming towards me from the left and was delivering the paper to all the houses that didn’t have NO JUNK Mail stickers on them .  He saw a elderly man supervising a lady putting up Christmas lights on his house , The lady went in side for something just as he went to open the mans gate. Before he could open the gate, the elderly man said ” Go back where you came from black man ”   He didn’t continue in to the mans garden as planned, instead he just went to the next house as if all this didn’t happen.

Our older generations are supposed to be an example to the younger generations growing up. I shudder to think of the example this old man in No 22 ………   Kilcoole Co Wicklow Ireland is giving to younger generation’s .

To look at the elderly man you’d think that he was a sweet old man but he’s actually racist to the core


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