As long as I can remember I hated getting my photo taken but longed to get my hands on my Mammy’s box brownie. Sad but true, to this day I don’t know where it disappeared to.

So I’ve gotten my own camera and to the dismay of my partner carry my grey back pack to all events and functions as my camera and flat heels fit so well in to it .  Most women have a bag or purse for each dress but me I’ve one bag for all occasions.

For ages the disposable camera was a great invention for me. I could store it anywhere but the glove compartment of my car proved to be a bad place in the winter, as they became damp.  As I got older I graduated to a proper camera which I stored high up in a kitchen press away from the hands of my 4 children.  Over the years albums grew as the four of them grew. Looking at each album I can tell where we were and what we did for the day.

Me and my camera have travelled to France, Spain, Africa, England and Wales with me behind the camera most of the time.

Looking at people smiling from behind that lens makes me want to capture that smile and happiness for ever . Package it up and give it to the owner .  Photo’s are historical records of magic, sad or distressing moments .

One photo can start a monolog of memories leading to a chapter which leads to a book being written.

Carrying my camera most of the time has led to some magical memories such as driving through the Phoenix Park Dublin during the snow of 2010 every morning on my way to work.  Friends know I always have my camera and I was so happy to be asked to be photographer at The Unforgettable Women’s event in Dublin recently. This was my first official job.

From behind the camera you observe so much: The Diva: The sad smile : The look at me I’m beautiful: The humble beauty:

As I always say ” True beauty comes from within and no amount of pouting is going to change your heart ”

This official/ unofficial job was so much fun but demanding at times. It was fun as I also was attending the event as a guest and wanted to get in to photos,  I’d just pass my camera to friends and run to the group and shout shoot , ha ha

Demanding:  Women can be demanding when it come’s to photo’s . They all want the best for their social media page’s . Face book, Twitter etc .  I put prayers on these sites that day in my mind .

You have the person who is so beautiful and humble you’d photograph them all day but in stark contrast you’ve the mutton dressed as lamb, who in her own eyes is the diva of the event and demands that you keep shooting her,  I say ladies look at your self from all angles in the mirror before stepping out your door .  Failing that ask a truthful person how you really look.

Camera’s never lie as human’s do.. All in all I’d an amazing time at the event taking photos of everyone in groups or solo. Yes I’d do it all again as life behind the lens is fun. Its fun taking pictures unknown to the people as the socialize and  mingle


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