Through The Storm : Author Eyum Ocheola-Oki: My Book Review

What an awesome touching book. I read it in less than two hours last night, just couldn’t put it down. So much for the story can be identified in real life for me. I loved Ihotu’s impatience to arrive in Dublin and her dismay at landing at Charles De Gaul airport first. It reminded me of my own impatience and excitement of going to Nigeria. I could have done without stopping in Paris also, As the cool Irish breeze touched Ihotu instead I was enveloped in the heat of Lagos. Memories so sweet. While she was shown kindness for a while I’ve been shown kindness all the time by Africans. The tradition of doing chores in the home is an Irish one also and I was looked after by the gate man’s daughter in Iperu- Remo Ogun State. I ended up begging her to stop bringing me coffee before she went to school. So to keep her out of trouble we developed a plan that she leave me a dirty cup before she went to school. That way everyone saw she was doing her chores when I returned the dirty cup to the kitchen and I got my sleep. Ha ha Ihotu’s great faith is what carried her and her family through all the years of separation . Her Mammy had laid a strong foundation of faith as she taught her children a new bible passage each day. God is awesome and I he never forsakes us.
Ihotu persevered against all plans and obstructions that the devil put in her way. The devil used tools and these tools were the very people who should have been helping her. As always God came up trumps. God used Ihotu to turn around the flagging faith of others just as for me he used a friend to bring me back to the church a few years ago. Its so easy to identify with this girls life even though we are of different age and race. Age and race are nothing when God is helping.
God works in mysterious ways: He let the Uncle and everyone else give funding for Ihotu’s Mammy’s treatment until he needed to test their faith and show them how prayer works miracles. When we think there is no way God opens a door.
People assist others in time of need as they know that they will reap what they sow. This I learned in November 2013 when friends in and out of Nigeria assisted me.
The total turn around by her friends and Uncle and Aunt shows us that God is a forgiving God. God always welcome’s back those who loose their way and he actually never lets go. As the song says ” He Kept Me ”
As I read this book “Through The Storm” I saw in my life where God kept me and despite me thinking he had left me he never had, it was me that had run from God,
This book can be ready by everyone from all nations and all ages. In fact this book will touch so many people to renew their friendship with our God
My friend and Sister Eyum Ocheola – Oki I give you a standing ovation with a loud clapping of hands . May God keep blessing you and your family abundantly. I for one am honored to say that I attended the launch of ” Through The Storm” in Dublin.
Bernie Adufe


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