People think they know so much from a name

217981_340464602736107_1576879434_nPeople think they know so much from a name without even meeting the bearer of that name.  They already have a mental picture of the bearer of a name painted in their mind.  Depending on what part of the world that name originates from, depends on the welcome the bearer  gets in life.

A name can get you a job nearly straight away or it can have you applying for every job that’s advertised in your line of work.

A  name can be met with racist thoughts from all levels of employers and future fellow employees.   We all have a name that we are proud of be it our family surname or  a name that we inherited through marriage.  Our surname is what most people see, Ms Noctor, Ms Amamure, Ms Adetola,  Mr Hill. Mr Austin,. Mrs Gahan, Mrs Abidun, Mr Hanks, etc……..

Be proud of your name, make sure  everyone spells it  correctly. Don’t let your name be abused or stained.    I insist on the capital A and the ‘apostrophe between the D and the A in my surname.  I correct everyone who leaves out the apostrophe and uses a small a.

A picture  is painted in peoples minds of me if I’ve chosen to use my Nigerian surname signing letters or applying for jobs.  Sadly applying for a job with an African name gets more refusals than using an Irish surname.

Our names do not tell employers our ability to do the job, nor does it display our enthusiasm  in meeting new people and work deadlines. Our names doesn’t display our awesome personalities.

A name can be a blessing or a hindrance   depending on how you stand up to and with your name.

From seeing my name nobody knows my hobbies, my age, weight, height or sex . Yes if my first name is shown my sex is revealed..   I live with my name’s. My maiden name and what I’ve christened my funny name.  Both are me


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