Sooner or later God turns everything around for us in our favor.  Everything is turned around in God’s time and with God’s power.   Don’t let impatience rob you of your destiny that God has planned for you.  Be patient and while you are waiting,  give God the tools he needs to work with.

All the prayers shouted to God with jumping up and pacing mean nothing if they are not said in faith.  Have the strong belief that no matter what you place at God’s feet he will do it for you.  But remember the outcome may not always be the answer you required or yearned for.  God will answer prayers the way he sees  the result will fit into his life plan for us.  Remember to ask for your intentions through Jesus and to give Thanks for the end result after making your request . Let your faith be that strong that without seeing you believe that God is turning everything around.

I mentioned above that we need to give God the tools to help us get our prayers answered.  If you want to pass exams put in the study time and forget the parties.  If you want that job you must actually apply for the position or place yourself in positions that people will hear about you.  Networking is so important.  Looking for money, then you need to actually play the lotto.  But don’t pray for money instead pray for a better job and everything else will follow.

Everyone is praying for something.  Open your heart and know that God answers us.

A woman prayed and prayed to get out of a studio flat she was living in the city.  She was yearning to get out of that room as the walls were compressing on her very being.  But her faith wasn’t strong enough until she got reintroduced to God by a friend.  Every Sunday she attended service and when her job allowed she attended any service run by the church.  Slowly and in a very round about way God brought a turnaround in her life.


To show her that God was still very much in her life he held her tight when she tried to take her own life.  Then as she recovered and went back to work he gave her the inner strength to take a step of faith.  That step of faith started the lady on the journey out of that studio flat.  The step of faith got her a transfer out of the city back to the country and she ended up living in a beautiful apartment overlooking the most beautiful garden ever granted by God.

The ladies step of faith was to look for a transfer just on the spur of the moment.  She had no destination in mind but God’s destination for her came from her Managers mouth.  There Gods plan unfolded within a matter of weeks.

Faith can move mountains and use the most unlikely methods ever to get results


God is truly awesome.  Where at times we see only darkness there is always a ray of God’s light shining through.  God carries us through the bleakest times of life and he never abandons us even when we don’t pray.

Kurt Carr has an amazing song called ” He kept me”  sit down and listen to the lyrics.  Don’t just let them pass you by really listen and you’ll realize how much God is for us.  So with God for us, no harm can bestow us with the devil against us.

God will keep turning everything around for us as we keep faith in him.  Keep our heart, soul and life open to receive him.

Attending service after service and rattling off prayers is not having faith.  Mean the prayers you say.  Say the prayers in Jesus name and through his name.

God bless you all


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