Vibrations Of Motherhood

256602_10151607050959129_326238993_o1492676_708104462542339_87333168_o1496278_708103389209113_1821781008_oWhen a baby is forming in the womb it can feel and sense so much from the outside world through the emotions of the Mammy and the vibrations of sound

Sound such as the Mammy talking or singing can cause the baby to move as its a familiar sound.  Her voice is reassuring and constant through out the pregnancy.   During all my pregnancies I played different kinds of music to each child and the amount of movement varied from child to child.

When I was expecting my eldest child I remember attending a show by the group The Indians who were popular in Ireland during the 70’s and 80’s.  I wasn’t a big fan but her Daddy was.  so at approximately 7 months in to the pregnancy we went to see them preform.   Nothing could have prepared me for the performance of the baby in my womb.  WOW! She danced all night.  Once the drum beats started her kicking became more furious and I felt every movement.   Boy did she move, it was like having a dancer inside of me.

On my other pregnancies i didn’t get to attend any concerts but music was played in our home.  Each baby reacted differently to the same music.  It was all so amazing and wonderful to feel a human move inside your womb to the music of Smokie or Dr Hook and so many more awesome artists.   As a child I was brought up surrounded by music so a love was ingrained in me from a very early age by my maternal family.

As i carried each child in my womb I played different sounds to them but I still wonder how they all would have reacted to a musical evening in my grandparents parlour.  Where we all gathered to listen to my maternal grandfather play the fiddle, my uncle Eddie the banjo or the drum and my Grandfathers friend Mr Tom Shiel play his fiddle.  In that small space we all sat around the fire as the music belted out to our delight.  As small children we begged to be allowed to stay up late.

I was brought up on music which I am sure would have moved my children in the womb to dance a crazy kicking arm wrestling dance.

Now i say to all you Mammy’s of the future turn the music on DSCF0454DSCF0429DSCF0433DSCF1247DSCF1458DSCF0388

Give your unborn child the opportunity the feel the beats of different music from all over the wold and experience a wonderful dance during your pregnancy from your womb.

Children in the womb know love and violence before being born.  Be aware of the atmosphere your creating for your baby before you even hold him/her in your arms.  create an atmosphere of love


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