Deny nothing and hide nothing

Deny nothing and hide nothing as to survive nothing wrong was done in all reality.

Survival for us all is upper most in our minds. Surviving in different life situations in different stations of life.

The King or Queen right down to the pauper at the bottom of the ladder are all surviving in their own way.  Each and everyone seeing that they are fed and clothed.  Those at the top  of the pyramid of life  don’t have to worry to much about these issues as much as those closer to the cold realities of life.

Men are often the forgotten people of poverty but yet they are the ones that I personally see wandering the streets or sitting on the ground with a cup at their feet begging for a few euro to buy the basics for that day.  Yes I agree children and women suffer a lot from poverty also and need help but all to often its said that the men only have their drinking to blame for the venture in to the world of loss and poverty.

The big question’s  should be asked and not left unanswered ” Why did he end up like this ? Why did the drinking get out of hand ?”

Communication is important in unraveling life’s issues and helping people get life back together again.

In this communication so that everyone can be put back on their feet and families can be restored nothing should be hidden or denied.  Denying the truth when its put on the table is a way of burning bridges of trust .  Nothing that has happened should be hidden in conversation so that help can be fully given.  There are compassionate people who can act as mediators  in tricky conversations.  Mediators who can smooth the path of restoration.  Be truth full about how your survive.

Different measures are called on to survive.  For some it might be taking on a few different jobs, for others it might be entering a world they never expected to enter.

When bills start piling up and children have to be cloth and fed shop lifting is only the tip of the iceberg that people think about.  People who have always been law abiding are suddenly thrust in to an unknown world of petty crime.

Shop lifting, bag snatching or prostitution are not pretty options to survive but they are the only options are desperate person has if they don’t want to sell drugs or rob houses .

If your sitting in a nice warm comfortable home with food in the fridge thank God for everything.  There is always someone crying for what you have so appreciate it all.  Imagine opening the presses and having just the salt and pepper to go on the food or opening the fridge only to see a liter of milk.

For women prostitution at times is the only option.  Taking to the streets is not always an option as walls have eyes and ears.  Meeting men through other means can be organised ,  Men love to talk about the latest lay so  new man arrive.

Money doesn’t always arrive but bags of food or electricity bills are paid.  Clothes come as presents.  Dinner in fancy places, drinking fine wines but going back alone to lie in a bed of thorns.  Life begins to look better but its no better as there is a price to pay for everything done against the conscience.  These men have wives and children who they should be with instead of being with you.

Men turn to drink and drugs when things get tough .  Robbing to feed families and drug habits .  Each robbery getting bigger but not better as at the end of the day they get arrested , charged and thrown in jail.

Children : suffer little children. What can innocent little children do but do what parents tell them to do.  They possibly are told to pick pocket’s or steal from shops and then run before the security Guards catch them.  Oh what a totally unstable unsuitable life for everyone.

Life is full of uncertainty.  Everything must come to an end and the life of not having must end.  You  reaching out to the right people who genuinely want to help you as a person not and not to people who want to  help themselves to you is a positive step towards healing and reclaiming a normal life.

Get counselling and mediation services.  Deny nothing and hid nothing as telling all is one step in the process of removing the coat of shame.  The invisible coat of shame that only you can see and feel.   No matter what you have done to survive now that you have chosen to take the path to reclaim your life never look back in anger.  Never look back and say “I am a bad person because of what I did”

Let me tell you now you are not a bad person, its the circumstances that were bad.  But God held you tight and moved you out of a bad place.  What happens from now on is going to be great.  You are strong as you have a foundation of experience to build a good new life on.  Today your story will be newspaper gossip, tomorrow it will be chip paper wrappings ( We used newspaper in Ireland to wrap bags of chips in before the word health and safety were invented)DSCF0968


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