A Vessel Of Positive change

During arcalogical digs so many artifacts are found that helps us to learn about our forefathers. We learn what kind of tools they used, what they used to hunt, also we get to see the jewlery that was worn by the different tribes. In some digs alot can be learned about the people who lived in our area in times gone by.

Pottery vessels have been found, some of which are broken but others are very well preserved. These are in our museums now for generationns to see. Among these vessels are the cooking vessels used by the women of the house to feed the family.

Depending on the time in history as to when these were made also depends on the method to mould and seal these vessels.
Without being sealed properly the vessels have been found to have absorbed over time the ingredients that were cooked or placed for storage in them. Each meal picked up the oils and herbs from the previous meal and this influnced the out coming taste of every meal cooked afterwards . Lucky for us the art of sealing our vessels got better down through the centeries and now our ingredients don’t leave a taint behind on the vessels .

Like the older cookery vesels us humans take in alot over the course of our life as we are not very well sealed. Over time we learn to release what is negative and harmful to us. We store in us what is good and productive.
Looking in a shop vessels of a same kind are stored together so that they don’t chip others, like wise we should complement each other instead of chipping away the self worth and confidence of others.
It is up to each of us to decide what kind of vessel that we want to be: A vessel of positive change : A vessel of self pity and tears for the past or a Vessel of dsetruction for everyone.

A vessel of positive change sails through lifes storms only taking on what it needs in every port just like our ships sailing on the sea. Be the Captain of your Positive Vessel don’t allow anyone else to be the captain for you, Yes ! allow others to assist you positivly but don’t allow them to steer your vessle off course for their own negative gain. Assist others to the places you are going but not at the expense of your happiness and well being in life .

In life there are many kinds of vessels, it’s up to us to examine the contents to see if its negative or positive, is it tainted bitterness or is it fresh and sweet. Look carefull at each vessel as some are fine looking on the outside but rotten to the core.
True beauty and positivity comes deep from within


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