So Much To Be Thankful For

Things happen to other people in life to make us look at our own lives and be so thankful for being alive and able to work even if the shifts are from dawn to dusk.
I left my town knowing a search party was out looking for a lady who was missing since Good Friday. I wanted to join them but my shift at work needed me also.
The day passed uneventfully untill the late afternoon when a lovely customer whom I’ve gotten to like alot came to the counter.

She asked for her normal piece of fish which she shares with her daughter and I asked her would I cut it in two.
She replied ” My daughter is dead ”
Now we are talking about a lovely vibrant young lady who took her Mammy out for Mothers Day. I was so shocked, I moved from behind the counter and gave my lovely lady a hug.
She cried, I tried hard not to, I failed miserably. Just shows I’m human.
I was left reeling from this experience and thinking how short a life can be, how a Mammy shouldn’t bury her children, How God’s plans can test us at times.

Mean while I was folloing comments on a picture I was tagged to by my friend Tom, its a picture of the missing lady . With each comment I prayed the good news would come of her being found alive and well.
Sadly Ann was found dead in a farm yard shed, her body was covered . For days the people of Wicklow community searched for her, praying that she was ok.
Thats two families effected by death, both very different deaths but both very sad and lonely deaths. One violant, one caused by alchol abuse.
Both lovely ladies. both belonging to families, loved by others and loving others in return.

Never take life for granted infact take nothing for granted.
I for one am Thankful for every day God has bestowed on me. I am rich from the gifts given to me by God. Each morning he gives me two gifts, my right and left eye to open and see a new dawn.


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