Diverse City 2015

“Just as the natural environment depends on biodioversity, so the human environment depends on cultural diversity.

Because no one civislisation holds all the spiritual, ethical or artistic expressions of mankind.”

Jonathan Sachs

The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and  respect.  Differences can be of race, gender, sexual orientation. socio- economic status, age, physical abilities, religious and political beliefs or ideologies ,

We need to create a safe positive environment where differences are explored and nutured.

Moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained in each individual .

We need to embrace the richness that people from different cultures bring in to our environment be it in  our work place or other environments .

Differences bring strengths,  but comfort comes when these are used to create a better world.

The world will be a better place when everyone see’s that we all have the same red blood flowing through our veins.                                                 For me the outside is just packaging.   See beyond this packaging.  God made us all . Embrace the diversity in each other .

Speaking From Experience of diversity in life .

When I travelled to Nigeria the gate mans daughter brought me coffee every morning before school but for me it was to early as I’m not an early riser.

In order not to offend or break with tradition I devised a plan with the child so that I could get my sleep and she could stay out of trouble.

Each evening Ungosie ( forgive my spelling ) would bring me coffee and in the morning I brought the dirty cup back to the kitchen .

That way the child was seen to be looking after an elder and stayed out of trouble and I was embracing diversity .

In our every day life we need to embrace what other cultures can give to enrich our lives and our work places.

I’ve discovered the world of food from different cultures and enjoy egusi with pounded yam among other dishes.    You to can enjoy different dishes and cook them for yourself, don’t be afraid to try.

The ingredients can be found in any African shop on Moore st .  Don’t be afraid to enter the shops and when you go in just ask for what your looking for if your not sure of what it looks like.  Ask for the peppers,  maggi or plaintain .  Everyone is willing to help

As you can see from my dress I enjoy the clothes  of other cultures.  As you can see ( Me turning around on the stage) my tailor Moji Akinola did a wonderful job of making my gown.

Now I want to Thank  Mr Diamond Ebs Esoh, Marcelina, Kasia, Brienze and Henry for inviting me to speak her at Divese City 2015

Good Night and God bless

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