The child is carried in a safe warm secure place for nine months.
A place where they know how to wriggle and feed. The world they inhabit is nothing like the one they will arrive in to.
For some depending on their sex and the country of their birth life will throw them challenges. Being a girl can be hard, if being a girl means just having a minimum education. Girls are not always treasured or given the respect they deserve.
To some girls are a way to get money for the family by marrying them to older or richer men.
Girls from an early age realize that even in their own family there is a pecking order. Sometimes they are blessed with parents who bring their daughters up the same way as their sons. Both sons and daughters are encouraged to attend school. study and go to university . Then follow their chosen careers. Sadly in some families and still in parts of our world daughters are nothing more than child bearing machines in servitude positions in abusive marriages. They have little hope of leaving the marriages as its bringing shame on their family to go back to their parents.

Girls enrich our society and should be given equal opportunities to their male counterparts. Look at how efficient women run homes, some on a very low-budget. Women make great managers and leaders and corporate managers but men believe that these sectors are part of the mans world.

As the saying goes ” behind every man there is a strong woman”
Well women I say to you all ” Step forward and make your mark in the world. Life is too short to stand behind anyone and your husband should respect you and your ability to have you stand united beside each other in life’s ventures”

Families nurture, encourage and never underestimate your daughters ability to out shine your sons. Build your children up as in the world there are plenty to pull them down. Competition is good but let it be healthy competition between siblings, not destructive.
Yes daughters will eventually marry but that does not mean they have to lose the family name. In them they have the family blood and they can retain the family name. So treat daughters with the respect they deserve


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