Teenage Pregnancy: a treasure not a sorrow

Pregnancy is an awesome gift and wonder given to women at different stages in life. Sadly not all women can get pregnant. This should not be place as a burden on the woman’s shoulders because the man can be at fault also. Men can suffer from low sperm counts to no sperm count. Thankfully, now in the times we live modern medical research allows for most women to carry a child.
Teenage pregnancies can be made very difficult because of people’s attitudes and snide remarks: : . “No college … it was bound to happen. I knew she would get pregnant. Doesn’t she know she just ruined her life . She won’t go further than a dead end job. She has nothing and will never have anything”
The stigma and judgement around teenage pregnancy just adds to the young persons confusion and its hard for them to make major decisions.
Perhaps instead of vilifying teen mothers, society as a whole should aim to support them to break this vicious cycle.
We need to show these young women that they can still continue their studies and mind their baby with the love and support they deserve from their family and friends. Thankfully there are so many more options open now compared to when I was a pregnant teenager at 19 yrs .
Back in the day everyone was so worried and concerned about what the neighbours thought more than how the young people were coping with the shock. Couples were up and down from the alter at a running pace to avoid a scandle for the family among relations, friends and neighbours. Its funny but looking back there were alot of babies born early :  the pregnancy was concealed until  after the marriage and then little Johnny or Mary was born a few months early but looked and weighed the same as a full term baby . No body was fooled but sure it stopped the gossip up to a point. Young girls became Mammys and the boys became Daddys, playing house but it was reality and not a game.
People shoved together because of a baby is not a good foundation for a marriage .
In reality its not good to force people into marriage just to keep the respectable image for ‘show’.


Marriage and having children are two very different choices and should be only twinned when the couple are consenting adults not forced teenagers .
When I was told by my daughters partner that they were having a baby I first congratulated them and then I told them not to marry just because of the baby but to get married if they wanted to when they are ready.

Never abandon a son or daughter because of a pregnancy because your robbing yourself of so much joy. Also your robbing the child of a grandparents love because of something they were not involved in .


2 thoughts on “Teenage Pregnancy: a treasure not a sorrow

  1. I’m glad now though that most people have seen the light and know that just because some one becomes pregnant, that it automatically qualifies them to be married to the other party! I saw this happen far too many times in my childhood and it was very sad

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