The Forever Child

Having a miscarriage doesn’t mean never having that child.
The child was there for awhile, but some were never to be held in the arms of their Mammy while sleeping because they were so minuate and just slipped away. Now they didn’t slip away unnoticed or forgotten. As each year dawns these awesome promises of new life are remembered by these women deep in their hearts. And what might have been passes through Mammys mind .
For me what might have been is a little boy or girl with bouncing curls, sallow skin, big brown eyes and my gap teeth . This image is made up this way because its the image I see when I think of my lost child. Curls because I love them. brwon eyes as I have them. sallow skin I also have and the dad was African. Gap teeth loved by so many .
What might have been and what is are so far apart. I imagine a little hand slipping in to mine as the child skips along beside me, smiling up with my gappy grin . Eager as ever to explore the next adventure with me.
Part of my heart was broken when in the Coombe I was told that there had been a child. The forever child forever lives in my heart and mind. She/he has been with me for years now

For ever we will build sand castle in the sky, walk among the clouds catching sun beams and light light candles from the moon my forever child and I .





4 thoughts on “The Forever Child

  1. I lost my first baby (stupid, climbing through a window because I lost a key). No idea what it would have been, but this Post makes me want to sit and wonder now. What a beautiful name for a beautiful living memory, a “forever child.” Thank you for this.


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