The shoe’s

Shoe’s, slipper’s , flip flop’s .  pump’s. runner’s, call them what you want but they sure are a handy thing to have and for everyone a necessity in life.

The purchase of  a pair can take hour’s and hour’s.  We try on every pair in all the shoe shops in town, even traveling to a bigger place to see their extensive array of different heeled shoe’s.

Kitten heels, stilettos , flat.  so many different hights, so many different style’s.  Shoe’s of many colours.   An important accessory in every wardrobe, to complement each out fit.  Shoe’s are lying unused all over the world because they have gone out of fashion or the owner just doesn’t like them as much as they did.  Fashion fads change and we change our shoe ideas also .

One idea which I am sure has not come to many people is the idea of a shoe box in a refuge.  Sitting along side other boxes clearly labelled telling the staff what’s in each one: Children’s Clothes, Women’s tops, Women’s jean’s/skirts.

Shoe’s are the last thing on a woman’s mind when she is fleeing a house and an abusive person.  Her safety and that of her children are her main concern.   Fleeing with just a few moments to gather or not gather things a woman can run in bare feet to a refuge.

This is where the shoe box is very important because it’s here a woman can access shoe’s untill she can get her own.  We can contribute to this much needed shoe box by dropping wearable shoe’s to a refuge.  Don’t give anything that you would not wear yourself.   Abused women deserve dignity also.  If clothes or shoes are torn and past wearing the bin is the place for them .

Arriving at a refuge is  a hard reality for anyone and we can make it a little bit easier by adding to the shoe/clothe’s box so that women and children have a change of clothes DSCF0403





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