Suicide Is Not Painless


Suicide crosses all barriers and cultures. It doesn’t stop to ask are you black, white, orange or purple.  Nor does it ask are you male, female, fat or thin. rich or poor.  Suicide has no respect for the size of your home or whether you own it or rent it.  It doesn’t give a monkies if you have two or fifty-two friends, it doesn’t care if your single, married, gay or swing both ways.

The only thing suicide cares about is having a person commit that final act.  The act of suicide is a lonely destroying act and for some, its planned over time, while for others it’s a spontaneous action.   A spur of the moment decision to end all the pain.

Believing the world will be a better place for everyone once they are gone suicide is the only option when all doors of communication are closed.  Doors of communication get slammed in everyone’s face in this hectic rat race of life.  Yes ! people say ” I hear you ” but they are not actually listening and are missing the total anguish in the voice of the talker.   The talker gets tired, worn out from trying to find solutions to a situation which is beyond their control, a situation which escalates and accelerates like an express freight train.

Suicide lingers in the shadows, lurking without a care.  Hiding the glow of every new day, stealing the warmth of life.  Yet for the planners, it looks cozy, like a rocking chair drawn up to the fire on a wet winters day.  For the spontaneous suicider, it wraps its layers around them like a thick fleece blanket as they slip deeper into the idea while completing the act of suicide.

Suicide is not painless and it’s definitely not blameless,  Everyone is hurt. The people left behind have so many unanswered questions and guilt trips to travel on.  If a person survives suicide they are still full to the brim with pain and have to face everyone who they felt were not there.

Suicide is and always will be part of society as long as people are not prepared to listen and  we humans keep saying that we are ok .   It is ok not to be ok and its ok to ask for help.   Talk to save a life.  Listen to save a life because you don’t know who suicide is looking at from the corners of life


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