​Tradition is the platform we stand on and should be something we are extremely proud of no matter where we live or where we come from.

Our lives are impacted by many  different  traditions.   First we have traditions  passed down from generation to generation  in our families, then our community has its own  traditions  .

We as people are shaped  by traditions we come  into contact with and carry  them with us throughout our lives into our new communities and relationships.
If we are lax about holding on to our traditions  they will be lost like baggage  left behind on a train.

  In losing  our traditions  we loose a piece of ourselves, a rich part of ourselves.   

Never be prepared  to drop traditional

ways, ideals or ideas just to fit into society.  Society does not need clones,  it needs strong people  who stand on a strong foundation of unique tradition.  
Unique  traditions are one’s passed down  through  families and these combined with community one’s create social  values


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