From The Top Down And Back Up Again

Everything has to be communicated right through a company for it to be totally effective in this climate of fast-growing retail outlets worldwide. Without efficient communication, a company can lose hundreds daily or billions yearly. Companies collapse because they have gained massive loses through something as simple as lack of communication from the top layer of the management right down to the last worker to be recruited and vice versa. Never assume anything is fully communicated by the person you ask to tell everyone because as in Chinese whispers communications can get distorted.

“Assumptions are made and most assumptions are wrong” Albert Einstein

Communication is only as effective as the communicator. Some people are atrocious when it comes to communication and keep important information to themselves because they think it’s beyond anyone else’s ability to act on it. Or else the information filters down the line only so far and its effectiveness is lost therefore meaning not everyone knows what way to do things or what to actually do. At times its decided that certain people don’t need this information for their job despite it being vital to their work and its assumed by many it’s not relevant to their job or position. Communication is not rocket science and can be done in so many ways via modern technology but there is still a lot to be said for the old-fashioned handover book. Nobody can say they didn’t see the handover notes written in this book if it is routinely filled out at the end of each shift by the Manager or colleague before he or she leaves work every day and signed by them plus the receiver.

For the wheels of business to run effectively, it’s not only the big issues which need to be communicated but the smaller ones also. The smaller issues when passed down from the top to the bottom and back up again can be solved before they generate massive losses for any company. For each department within any business to reach its full potential everyone has to be motivated through communication and this communication while being about company facts and sales figures should also contain words of encouragement and praise no matter how small a contribution a person makes to the company. Without each person, the department would not be complete therefore the company would be missing a vital cog in productivity in its wheel.

While it’s great to be seen to be communicating but ask yourself are you actually communicating efficiently and effectively? Are you communicating more with those outside your place of work or those within it? By this I mean are you talking on the phone more than talking to those actually working around you daily and are you so in tune with everyone that you understand and can see what they have done are doing before barking at them about more tasks. If your barking across the office, company space its time to examine your communication skills and get retrained in this area. The words used and how they are used makes a massive difference when talking to everyone about anything. Also, examine what is being communicated daily to see how productivity is being affected. Simple tasks left unfinished or undone have a domino effect on any company and this will be seen in financial records. The interaction between departments or offices is vital so that hours allocated to each area are used properly and not overspent leading to a wage over the mark allocated for the year.

Open communication is vital in every area of business from the training of new staff to the motivation of all staff. If new staff or those transferred to other areas of the business are not trained properly by communicating their roles and tasks efficiently this, in turn, can lead to a massive lack of confidence in them about their own abilities and by others. Proper training is vital for a business to be profitable and for the services to be given to the customers which leave a good reflection on the service provider and the company. Nobody in their right mind is going to want to do business with a company who has not communicated tasks/responsibilities from the top right down to the bottom leaving massive margins for error. While some companies communicate from the top to the bottom and back up again this communication is ineffective because of the manner it is delivered.

Remember workers are human and the human personal touch is vital in every area of life. Also, remember that those at the bottom can get to the top and those at the top of any company can slide to the bottom. Communicate without belittling, humiliating, bullying or hurting anyone because everyone is important to the company.

Bernadette A D’Arcy


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