EMOTIONS……. never to be suppressed

Emotions are precarious things as without warning they can change us from a super efficient person to a helpless heap in a flash.  Sadly we get judged on our ability to function in the world on our ability to mask our emotions because it’s unprofessional or considered weak to show our true emotions.

We are not encouraged to say how we truly feel at that exact moment in time if asked because if we reveal that despite looking fab we are actually falling apart at the seams the person who asked the question possibly just asked it for conversation’s sake and really didn’t want to know as they don’t want to deal with the real answer.  So we plaster and smile on our faces and announce ” Brilliant, fine, wonderful”.

Who the hell are we fooling or damaging in this quest to cover our emotions in a world which requires we mask them because showing them is not the right thing to do? We are only fooling and damaging us.   It seems that emotions can only be brought out for occasions like weddings, funerals and other celebrations or experiences.

Emotions are Fear, Sadness, Joy, Disgust, Suprise, Contempt.

Children over the ages were not and are still not encouraged to express their true emotions throughout their childhood. If they cry they are accused of being babies if they are afraid they are accused of being silly if they say something disgusts them by using the word gross or wrinkling their noses up in disgust they are told the item is lovely.  If they are disrespectful they are accused of being contempt towards a person whom they are struggling to give space in their lives.

No wonder as adults we struggle with showing our true emotions in a world which encourages the emotions of children to be suppressed.   If as children we are not allowed to cry when sad, scream when afraid, laugh out load when joyful, make a face when disgusted,  jump up and down when surprised or show our aversion towards something or a person how they hell as adults can we expect to be emotionally healthy in all areas of our lives?

Suppressed emotions cause untold damage which is carried from our childhood all through our adulthood affecting every aspect of all relationships in every sphere and domain we enter.

This behaviour pattern is then carried down from us to the next generation unless we as parents, mentors, leaders or experts nip it in the bud.  As a person who has walked this path, it is my quest to let everyone know that it is actually ok to express emotions because boxing them up and trying to compress them instead of showing them as they are is detrimental to our health.  Hiding our feelings and emotions causes stress which manifests its self through self-destructive thoughts or behaviour or both.   This self-destructive pattern will, in turn, have a domino effect on our relationships in life.

If showing emotions saves lives then let us be as emotional as we want to because being emotional is far better than being suicidal.

We would never feel the pressure of emotions pressing down on us like rocks if from childhood our emotions were listened to and acted on by our parents/guardians.





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